Twitter conducts trial on auto-playing videos, quality filter

Published by Metro India News Online on March 31, 2015 11:43:43 AM
Twitter is testing auto-playing mobile videos and ‘quality filters’ on its platform.

Auto-playing videos will be more viable on provoked video ads, videos uploaded through the mobile app of Twitter and the clips which are a part of the Twitter’s Amplify Program.

Few users are demonstrated the whole video, while few are shown for only few seconds by muting the audio. When users click on them, they are presented with the full screen and played with audio. So far, Twitter-owned Vine videos will not play automatically as a part of this test, notes the report.

Twitter introduced an update for iOS app - ‘Quality filter’ feature, which helps users to remove undesirable content from their timeline. This feature is still under the procedure of testing and only available to the verified users.

Twitter removes all the notification timeline that contains threats, abuse language, duplicated content, or sent from suspicious account by using ‘quality filter’ feature.