Apple's text crash bug attacks Twitter and Snapchat

Published on May 30, 2015 17:20:20 PM

Victims of Apple's text messaging bug suffering from an iPhone crash can expect a few more shocks.

The mysterious text bug which crashes iPhone, is now showing its powerful effects on Twitter Snapchat.

It has been noticed that the malware chokes Apple's text handling system on Arabic, Marathi and Chinese characters which eventually leads to shut down of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. It also affects the applications running on iOS.

The issues were discovered after The Guardian and a researcher Mikko Hypponen conducted tests on messaging applications.

The findings of the research claim that if a message is sent though Twitter then damage is minor, but when snapchat is used the message is completely broken and results into an unclear message.

Apple has issued a "workaround" to prevent the bug from crashing devices. Currently Apple is working towards getting a permanent solution to a problem.

According to the company, a software with bug fixes will be updated soon.