Twitter users emerge as movie buffs

Published by Metro India News Online on April 30, 2015 10:50:50 AM
Twitter users watch more movies than the non-Twitter users, says a survey by international market research firm Nielsen survey.

Of the 1000 moviegoers aged 13-54 in America; about 85 per cent of twitter users watch more movies than that of non-twitter users, as per the study of Nielsen, custom-built by the Twitter to tell who are watching the movies more.

Amongst the 1000 users who were studied, 39 per cent tweeted about a movie, whereas 32 per cent re-tweeted tweets related to the movies.

Twitter was essentially used for expressing the user's views on social, political, economic and personal topics. With the passing year, it has become a platform to express the views on the entertainment industry, and especially on television and movies.

The chances of watching 12 movies in theaters in the last six months are about 340 per cent higher among the Twitter users compared to non-users.

"We leverage the real-time nature of Twitter communication to amplify and promote our trailers, photos and news," Doug Neil, senior vice president of digital marketing for Universal, was quoted as saying.