Facebook's update for allaying fears

Published on April 28, 2015 18:22:22 PM
"I am safe” - a new app – has been introduced by Facebook for the times of natural disasters, like the one which recently hit Nepal.

This app will help it convey to your loved ones that you are safe in times of disasters.

Through this technology, Facebook users will get a notification stating whether the catastrophe they are near to is dangerous or not. Facebook will be able to locate
the place the users are in by seeing the geographical area from where they have recently used the internet and from the place from where they have recently checked in.

You can either choose "I am Safe” or "I am not in the affected region.” The response is moved to users own News Feed.

The app also tells about the number of people in the affected region, a tool that may be convenient for first responders as time passes.

This app will be very helpful in informing people of the security of their loved one during massive natural disasters and help them heave a sigh of relief.