Treat your eyes and tummy together

Published on May 26, 2015 15:43:43 PM

Guys and girls of Delhi can now enjoy snacks in PVR theatre just on tap of your phone with the new Snacket App.

Most of the people are tired of waiting in long queues in the theatres to get snacks and get worried that they would miss the scenes because of the queue.

The app’s creator Dhruv Madhok was one among such people. One day during a movie outing he went to order a cappuccino and missed the important scenes due to waiting. This experience led him think of an idea to avoid such happenings the future and eventually he decided to build an app that would get snacks to the audiences’ seats at the cinema theatres.

The app is available in iOS and Android gadgets and currently usable in PVR theatres across Delhi and Gurgoan. They are in plans to associate with restaurants in their areas of operation.

The app has got about 1,000 downloads from both platforms and at least 25 users registering for it.