Ready for a pleasant update iOS users?

Published on May 25, 2015 14:35:35 PM

Are you fed-up with the major OS update on your iPhone? Is it making your phone slower? Then there is as awesome news for all the iOS users, as iOS 9 plans to put an end to all your complaints. The iOS 9 update is going to roll out soon on the iOS devices to fix all the bugs of the previous version and make your gadget more reliable and faster.

The upcoming iOS 9 update consists of optimisations for the older devices. With iOS 9, Cupertino is "building a core version of iOS 9 that runs efficiently on older A5 devices, then enabling each properly performing feature one-by-one."

All the A5 powered devices such as iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the original iPad mini that are based on the historical patterns have lastly received an iOS 8 update and the new iOS 9 update may bring a new life to these devices.

"I wouldn't say there's nothing new for consumers, but the feature lists are more stripped down than the initial plans called for," a source told Gurman. Next version of OS X is also likely to be structured along similar lines.

The iOS 9 would ship with split-screen iPad app views and an enhanced Apple Maps application with transit directions. Trusted Wi-Fi and 'Rootless' are going to join the list, later described as "a heavy blow to the jailbreak community on iOS."

It is expected that Apple moves apps such as Mail, Notes, and Calendar from an IMAP-backend to iCloud Drive.

The first glimpse of the versions of iOS and OS X would be revealed at the WWDC conference in June.