Google makes Smart Lock smarter with On-body detection mode

Published on March 25, 2015 15:38:38 PM
Besides ‘Trusted devices’ and ‘Trusted places' for smart locking/ unlocking of your Android phone, Google has introduced an 'On-body identification' mode to the Smart Lock menu. With this alternative, clients can keep their gadgets unlocked relying on the closeness to their body.

The feature was initially spotted by Android Police on Friday, and is working up to expectations on a Google Nexus 4, running Android 5.0.1 Lollipop alongside Google Play Services v7.0.97.

The 'On-body recognition' offer basically keeps the gadget unlocked till the time the client is holding it or it is close to the body (pocket or purse). This is useful when you leave the gadget in some place and when it goes away from your body's vicinity it gets locked, even before the sleep and lock time.

Unfortunately the new On-body detector smart lock feature cannot identify the difference between diverse bodies, so when you hand an unlocked gadget with this feature to be accessed by somebody it will stay unlocked. Additionally, if clients have Trusted devices or Trusted places feature enabled nearby, the gadget may stay unlocked even after it is out of vicinity.

"This feature utilizes you gadget's accelerometer to distinguish whether your gadget is as yet being carried on the body. On the off chance that your gadget identifies that its never again being held, your gadget won't stay unlocked. If you unlock your gadget and hand it to another person, your gadget additionally stays unlocked as long as the other individual keeps on holding or carrying it," said the On-body identification highlight's short note.

The feature is also working for non-Nexus gadgets running versions higher than Android 5.0 separated from the most recent Google Play services version 7.0.97.