Keeping tab on health with apps

Published on May 24, 2015 02:56:56 AM

More and more working professionals, both young and old, are making smartphone health apps an integral part of their daily regime as these apps inform, instruct and offer daily diet and exercise charts.

Scores of smartphone users in the city said that these apps provide information in a variety of formats like text, photo and video and offer instructs based on the data captured and displayed on the smartphones. Some of these apps even provide guidance based on user entered information like recommending a physician for consultation.

It is estimated that by next year, 50 crore smartphone users worldwide would be using some kind of health related apps given the large number of downloads in the past two years. There is no doubt that these apps are growing in popularity as one can access fitness videos and quick tips on health 24 X 7 through various online sources.

These apps help monitor almost every factor that impacts health like weight, exercise, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, heart beat and sleep quality and many more factors.

Talking about the health apps, dietician N Sujatha said, “Health apps are becoming very common among youngsters today and in a way it is helpful as earlier when we used to draw diet charts it used to be very difficult for them to follow it regularly but now with the help of these I see many of my clients keeping reminders for eating fruits to drinking ample amount of water.”

“I encourage my patients to save their diet chart and keep reminders as to what needs to be eaten when. I also advise them not to just follow any food measurements that can to be eaten blindly from any source, as each individual’s body type is different and individual attention needs to be given while giving a diet chart."

An IT employee Mohan G said, “Its gets very difficult for me to remember to do any kind of physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day after my doctor highly recommended it. I downloaded an app called ‘Human’ that helps me achieve that 30 minutes of physical activity regularly even with my hectic schedule and these apps are quite encouraging. There are quite a lot of apps that suit every person’s needs and I have apps that help me even maintain my blood pressure.”

A college student, Satya C said, “I like maintaining a healthy diet and also do the right kind of physical activity. Small things like drinking enough water during the day and drinking fruit juice in the afternoon as advised by my doctor have made it easier for me to remember and also these apps help me count the calories of what I am having, helping me to understand the worth healthy food. I follow my health app regularly and now I have plenty of personal health data quite literally in my palm.”