Emoticon helps in better communication, says study

Published on May 23, 2015 11:49:49 AM

A study conducted by an Indian origin professor reported that the online customer service agents who are fast typists and put emoji’s on their texts bring smile on users face while chat.

Professor at Pennsylvania State University in the US, S Shyam Sundar said though emoji’s seem so formal casual and silly, they are playing a key role in communication. The study also says that they even play an important role in professional and business communication.

The customer service agents who chat using emoji’s in text with customers were given higher rating when compared to the agents who did not use emoji’s.

"The emoticon is even more powerful than the picture, though classic research would say that the richer the modality for instance, pictures and videos the higher the social presence," Sundar noted.

"But the fact that the emoticon came within the message and that this person is conveying some type of emotion to customers makes customers feel like the agent has an emotional presence," he pointed out.

The researchers also said that the agents who gave a quick response were given high rating than those who didn’t.

A synchronous conversation makes customers feel good as it comes as a part of real conversation as per findings.

The findings appeared in the journal Computers in Human Behaviour.