App for all genders

Published on May 23, 2015 12:42:42 PM

Most of the social networking sites today keep a track of the information and ask a person to define their gender. But they have only two options so what about the others they ignore the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) category of people. A Harvard student has set a new App that will comprise of all genders.

The App Q will allow users to choose from 20 genders that will include all those who are identified as queer, a term used by some to encompass the many facets of gender identity and sexual orientation.

"When we log on, we're constantly told to be a man, to have a perfect body, to act or to talk a certain way, to be someone other than whom we truly are," California-born Cervini said in a statement.

Most of the people of various countries view gender as a complex and psychological phenomenon where a person’s external anatomy would no longer be a factor.

According to Cervini, Q is "a community-driven social networking app for humans - of all genders and sexual orientations - who identify as queer."

The app also allows filtering and members to display first name and also encourages to define them in up to a character limit.

"Q is...about creating a queer community that is devoted to making its members of any gender or background feels welcome," said Cervini.

The app is likely to be launched in June for Android and iOS users.