Facebook: About to launch App "PHONE"

Published on March 23, 2015 13:39:39 PM
Facebook is about to launch a new application for mobile users. The app is named "phone that will show information about who is calling and other features like automatic call blocking by community” etc.

According to the report by Android police, some users got a notice to try the application but when they tried to download the app, it showed a page not found error. The error might have occurred because Facebook has not yet launched it.

The Phone App will work as a caller ID app such as Truecaller, CallApp and Contactive. Unlike other apps, users need not install and update the data on the third party server. Facebook having 1.1 billion mobile users updates when a contact is updated so users need not worry about the contact database and they need not install a new app to know who is calling.

According to the view of Analysts, Facebook is trying to create more apps to capture more information from the users . With the data from the real world and social media, the company will have very huge amount of people data and details. So Facebook is making its move to conquer information age.