Teens in smaller cities are highly digitally plugged

Published on May 21, 2015 16:08:08 PM

Tata Consultancy Services has made a survey across 14 cities to know what are the most viewed and used sites by the teenagers.

The study involved 12,365 students of classes from 8 to 12 standards. As per the survey Facebook stood first with 90 per cent, Google+ second with 65 per cent and Twitter marked the third place with 44.1 per cent among social media sites.

Students said that they were using social media websites to communicate with their friends to complete assignments.

Coming to the usage of educational sites, Wikipedia topped with 63 per cent and PDF’s usage by 50 per cent and online videos with 44 per cent.

With the growth of e-commerce sites, students shop online on an average of 65 per cent. Gadgets top the list with 64 per cent next comes books 61 per cent and tickets 42 per cent.

Coming to messaging applications, WhatsApp usage is 71 per cent. Parents who have an idea of social media monitor their kids up to 52 per cent.

Students on an average read newspapers at 70 per cent and visit online news sources at 52.7 per cent.

Concluding the survey mostly children spend about 1 hour daily online mostly on phones and rarely on PCs.