Google Tone lets computers talk to each other

Published on May 21, 2015 11:17:17 AM

The new extension for Chrome for PCs now allows sharing URLs amongst computers via audio. It works with PC’s in the same room and over voice and video chats in Hangouts.

Detailing the need of extension Google Research blog post said that, "Tone grew out of the idea, while digital communication methods like email and chat have made it infinitely easier, cheaper, and faster to share things with people across the globe."

The firm adds that the early version of the extension was built as a game but it has become a URL sharing medium especially at Google Office in the meetings.

Initially the audio transmission frequency was out of human hearing range (64Hz-23,000Hz) and developers later realized that most of the conferencing goes through microphones and have optimized the range to human voice with the help of DTMF based audible codec that is most reliable.

Once installed, the browser’s extension will keep your microphone turned on and only way to disable it is that you have to go to the browser settings and disable the extension.

The shared URL is saved on the Google’s server and adds the extension, collects anonymous usage data according the privacy policies of the firm.

"Google Tone only broadcasts URLs, so recipients do not automatically gain access to a page to which they wouldn't ordinarily have access," Google said detailing security.