Online love: A lasting wound

Published on May 20, 2015 18:12:12 PM

The survey on 'computer crime' conducted by FBI, said that people have to be aware when they choose internet to find their love of life, because you may not now as the fraud cases have been multipying on the other end.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) said in its annual online fraud report that the last years financial losses in the US due to online fraud are reported to the government was $800 million.

The authorities worry that it would be handful people who have been robbed during 2014 as most of them are unreported.

Most of the people who suffered internet fraud were people who actually surfed internet for love, especially women.

IC3 said that the internet fraud scammers had worst schemes like masquerading as military personnel or pretending to seek love online etc.

Most of the people who were targeted belonged to the people connected via social media.

"Criminals search dating websites, chat rooms, and social media websites for personally identifiable information, and use well-rehearsed scripts to attract potential victims," it said.

"Victims of these scams believe they are in a relationship with someone who is honest and trustworthy without meeting them in person."

IC3 tips to beware of frauds:

-- Do not respond to any unsolicited email, phone call or mail requesting your personal information.

-- Do not fill out forms in email messages asking for personal information.

-- Do not click on email links. Instead, go to the official website of the business or group and start from there.

-- Maintain at least two email addresses - one for people you know and one for all other purposes.

-- Do not engage in business with people or companies that operate only from a post office box address.

-- If someone you have never met tells you he or she loves you but needs money to visit you, do not buy it.