Great White Shark creates waves on Twitter

Published by Metro India News Online on May 19, 2015 13:09:09 PM
The latest twitter sensation is not a cat or dog, but a Great white shark cruising the east coast of the US.

Meet Mary Lee, the shark, which has 62000 twitter followers at its twitter handle @MaryLeeShark

The shark gives interesting updates and replies wittingly to queries.

"How do u tweet with thumbs?” asks the shark, "How do u tweet with fins?” asks one commenter.

The 16 feet long, 3500 pound Great White shark was first tagged at Cape Cod and is being monitored by OCEARCH, and its movements can be tracked online.

Mary Lee was named after OCEARCH expedition leader Chris Fischer's mother and is one of the many sharks tagged by it. OCEARCH is a non-profit organization that conducts research on Great White sharks and other predators.

Another shark @RockStarLydia which has 16000 twitter followers tweets about Mary Lee: "So proud of my sister @MaryLeeShark! She’s handling the paparazzi like a champ.”

The fake twitter handle is not affiliated with OCEARCH.