Technology: Hidden eye of your boss

Published on May 18, 2015 15:39:39 PM
Now-a-days employers have started tracking their employess using various applications and are constantly keeping an eye on them. They use biometric sensors and magnetic cards to keep a track of their work.

According to a report by Cnet, an employee said that Intermex had fired her because she has deleted the tracking application that was tracking her whereabouts every passing second, day and night.

The firm dealt with money transfers and a case was filed by the employee who works there as a sales executive.

An app named Xora has to be downloaded on the employees’ smartphone to keep a track of them using GPS. If an employee exceeds the speed limit, then the company comes to know about it. When the employee got to know this, she was bothered by this constant monitoring and deleted the app. She was fired a few days back for no reason. The employee has filed a case against the company asking for damages for at least $500,000.

Her lawyer said that the company has fired her because they found that the girl was working somewhere else also.

The lawyer further said, "Her boss did not provide her with a good reason for using the app 24/7. She recalls he told her that the company was assessing whether it would provide its sales force with company cars, rather than pay them a car allowance, so it wanted to determine the number of miles its employees were driving for the business of the company. Her problem was that comments her boss made to her revealed that he was monitoring their whereabouts during non-work hours and on non-work trips."

In the above case, the employer’s version of the case is not known and we cannot judge without the other end of the story but tracking an employee 24x7 is not good for the companies nor employees.