Now use your chat waiting time fruitfully

Published on May 16, 2015 10:32:32 AM
Do you lose a lot of time waiting for friend to come online? Don’t waste this time, use it to learn a new foreign language. Here comes an app that helps you in learning foreign languages faster.

A chrome extension named WaitChatter provides you with interactive foreign language vocabulary exercises, so that you can use the time of the conversation fruitfully when your friend is typing a response.

A PhD student from MIT found that people on an average wait for 15 min a day waiting for replies, which totals up to an hour and a half for a week.

"But what if you could do something constructive with those moments like, say, learn a language? That's precisely what the new app provides," Cai said in MIT Technology Review.

"This integrated approach, which we call 'wait-learning', is far less likely to be perceived as time consuming or intrusive compared to using a separate learning app," Cai said.

The best part of this app is it comes as a built in your chat box and so you need not switch between the apps. It has been tested in two languages - French and Spanish.

In a two week study, the student has identified that people on an average learn four words per day and the system pulls words from the ongoing conversation or a built in list.

For example, people discussing their pets might be quizzed on terms about animals, while those chatting about an upcoming Starbucks date will learn words for "coffee" and "tea.”