Making Movies is Easier than TV series says Allen

Published on May 16, 2015 13:56:56 PM
Woody Allen, the famous American actor, writer, director, comedian and playwright said that he made a terrible mistake by signing up to do a TV mini-series for the upcoming Amazon’s streaming service and conveyed that making television is too hard compared to movies

At the Cannes Film festival after press screening of his latest film, for which he expected his debut TV series will be "a cosmic embarrassment”.

Offending himself, Allen was talking down the chances of turning in successful six part series of half an hour episodes since he made the deal with Amazon in January.

The director said on Friday that it takes a lot struggle to write for small screen. "I thought it would be easy you know: you do a movie, it's a big long thing, but to do six half-hours... it's very very hard and I just hope I don't disappoint Amazon."

Allen, a technophobic person stated that "I don't know what I'm doing, I'm floundering."

The details regarding the how much he was paid and the shows content is not yet revealed.

Amazon to rival Netflix in video streaming gave fruitful offers to him until he agreed. This marks a major sign of breaking wall between film and TV.

Cable and streaming services of US are trying to produce cinematic quality series with movie-grade actors like "True Detectives" and "House of Cards."