Crazy Selfie fans : Be Alert

Published on May 16, 2015 13:16:16 PM
Following the current trend of selfies, people visit different places, take their selfies and post them on the social media.

A Romanian teenaged girl also thought of a weird location – the top of a stationary train – to take a selfie, and ended up getting killed. She was electrocuted and burst into flames while trying to take her selfie on top of a stationary train.

The girl Anna Ursu aged 18, climbed on top of a train along with her friend (17) to take special selfies and post them on Facebook.

They were standing close to the High tension cable and the girl’s leg was stuck in air. She suddenly busted into flames due to electric shock.

The charge at which the shock occurred was so powerful and the 17 year old girl went flying off the roof of the train.

A man, who saw them, risked himself and tried to extinguish flames from the girl’s clothes before the emergency services came.

The 18 year girl died as her body suffered 50 per cent burns, while the 17-year-old girl survived and narrated about the incident to the investigators.

Though the girl did not touch the wire, she came in contact with its electric field, which itself was deadly.