Dying may help your phone live long

Published on May 15, 2015 11:48:48 AM
Do you often switch off your mobile and think that you are providing rest to your phone then let me tell you, you are having a wrong notion. Even if you switch off your phone it doesn't do anything good for your phone.

Shutting down your gadget daily at night does not actually help in its maintenance, tech experts state.

According to iFixit founder Wiens, shutting your smart phone off won't necessarily help save your battery. "Batteries in phones have a finite lifespan -- the more that you use them, the faster that battery wears out," he says.

Normally the smart phone batteries comprise of a life of about 300 to 500 full charge to fully discharged cycles. If you use your phone for a while and charge it to 100 per cent then it still counts to form a full cycle.

Wiens also informs, "If you wear your battery down 50 per cent then charge it back up, it is half a cycle." 

He stated that the battery life primarily depends upon the way you use your phone. If you stream music continuously, watch videos or use GPS placing your phone under dashboard that is so hot due to sun, then the power of your battery will not last long.

Sometimes drain your battery and let your phone die for some time, this will help your phone.

"If you run your battery all the way down to zero every once in a while -- once a year is fine -- it makes the percentage count," says the tech expert.