StandIn Law: a boon for lawyers

Published on April 15, 2015 18:18:18 PM
Lawyers who are regularly expected to go to two courts at the same time have much to rejoice now, as an application can now scout for them a stand-in lawyer for bail hearing at another court at whatever point the need arises.

The new iPhone application called StandIn Law, once connected with, tracks lawyer by area, empowering a lawyer searching for a stand-in to quickly contact him/her on the off chance that they are close to a specific courthouse, The Globe and Mail reported.

The application likewise permits lawyers to make a payment to their stand-in lawyer by making a transaction with their credit/debit card for a charge of $7.50.

Court archives and other private data can be imparted by means of telephone or-email.

The clients have the choice of rating the performance of their stand-in lawyers, making it easy for them to choose the best available option.

The application, made by Toronto-based studio Tiny Hearts, can free the lawyers of the time they spend on convincing their partners to appear on their behalf.