Turn your partner as Ex through 'Sorry It's Over'

Published on May 14, 2015 19:22:22 PM
Feeling your relation is now at climax? Wondering or brainstorming about how to break up? Or fearing of post break up reaction which you cannot face? Many more terrifying questions arising in your mind regarding how to break up, then don’t worry just sit back and relax, a helping hand is here to break up on your behalf.

For the folks who bear intolerable relationship, but cannot dump their partner right away, an Australian Company named 'Sorry It's Over' will do their job for them. The company, founded by Kristy Mazins, a former nurse, is currently operating only in Australia.

All you need to do is pay $5 and then the company will take care of the reason and delivery of break up message.

The break up message can be sent across to your partner through personal phone call, a posted letter or even a personal meeting with a Sorry It's Over representative, at a higher cost.

So, no more awkward moments like 'you know how it is' statements for break ups. The 'Sorry It's Over' service will break your partners heart on your behalf for a price.