Feel free to try your handwriting with Phree

Published on May 14, 2015 12:28:28 PM
Has excessive use of Smart phones and laptops robbed you of the essence of handwriting? If yes, then is something which will help you derive the ease of technology and enjoy the beauty of writing.

Phree is a smart pen that allows you to write on your phone, tablet and PC. It can also be used to write on your wall, mirror or table, basically wherever you wish to write.

The gadget connects to your phone via Bluetooth and is compatible with your phone apps like Office, Viber, WhatsApp etc. So even if the pen is not paired with your smartphone you can normally use it.

The amazing feature of this pen is it acts like a Bluetooth headset, i.e., you can answer calls, send texts and dial even if your phone is not with you. It has a small screen aside that alerts you if u receive call/text and enables you to answer them.

The design of the pen is not so handy to write but you can actually compromise on the design with these dazzling features.

If you wanna buy or gift it sounds to be somewhat expensive, available at cost of Rs 9,500 and is expected to release by the end of April 2016.