Facebook's golden gift to media

Published on May 14, 2015 09:41:41 AM
Technology has been a boon for media since time immemorial. It is only due to technology that your news reached from pamphlets to newspaper, from newspaper to TV and now from TV to your own mobile phones. And the site which is most accused by youngsters on mobiles now-a-days is Facebook. So the social networking has now presented media organisations with a golden opportunity in the form of its Instant Articles feature.

Using this feature, news organisations can create a more interactive content suitable and user friendly to read on Facebook through your gadget. In addition, they can also add photos relevant to their articles. If a user finds a news article interesting, he can share it with other friends, which increase its reach.

However, an aspect more important here is speed in which the news is dispensed. Facebook's chief product officer Chris Cox states "We think the most important thing here is speed. The obvious lesson we keep on learning is that on a mobile phone, the most important thing is immediacy."

Though there is also another aspect of this story. Media houses are also cautious about handing over distribution of their news to a third party, as the decision of prioritizing content lies with them.

Allying these fears, Facebook continues to maintain that it is just a platform and not a media giant so the media houses have no reason to worry.

Hope this feature proves to be more of an advantage for media firms and revolutionizes the method of distribution of news,