Anti-Corruption App on Force in Mumbai

Published on March 12, 2015 15:28:28 PM
Mumbai:Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis the Anti-corruption bureau (ACB) on Wednesday launched a Web-based Application to register complaints against corrupt government officials. The application is available on internet and free to use.

The ACB worked in association with The Bombay Coding Company, which developed the app, and the NGO, Public Concern for Governance Trust, led by former Mumbai police commissioner Julio Ribeiro, which works towards efficient and transparent governance. The main purpose of the application is to create fear in the mind of every corrupt official that they might be under surveillance.

The application is created to attract youngsters, get complaints and make the process of registering complaints easier. People can upload a video or a picture which would serve as evidence during the investigation of the case. To authenticate the complaint, the mobile number of the user is verified before taking the complaint by degrading the false complaints.

Every complaint registered through the application would be forwarded to the Superintendent of Police and Deputy Superintendent of Police of the area concerned, and to the ACB headquarters in Mumbai, to ensure that every complaint is followed through by the ACB units concerned.

The application is available in both English and Marathi on the domain,