Seen sunset view from Mars?

Published on May 11, 2015 17:04:04 PM
An amazing view of sunset has been recorded by NASA’s Curiosity rover from its location in Gale Crater on Mars.

The image depicts the Sun falling to a Martian horizon in a blue tinged sky.

Mast Camera was used by Curiosity for recording the sunset on April 15 evening in a sky watching event. The imaging has been done between dust storms and some of them continue floating high in the atmosphere. These observations help scientists to assess the distribution of dust in the atmosphere.

"The colours come from the fact that the very fine dust is the right size so that blue light penetrates the atmosphere slightly more efficiently," said Mark Lemmon from the Texas NASA A&M University, College Station.

When compared to other colours, if blue light scatters off the dust it stays closer to the sun light’s direction."The rest of the sky is yellow to orange, as yellow and red light scatter all over the sky instead of being absorbed or staying close to the Sun," he added.