10 most twitter blunders that we do

Published on March 11, 2015 11:45:45 AM

1. Do not ask to follow

Whenever someone gives off a computerized tweet altering their group by unfollowing them, its so embarrassed  to low it looks for them. Instead of asking to follow the posts, you have to earn it by posting relevant content in the post.

2. Hash-tag Usage

Too much in placing the collection of hash-tags is a big mistake done by the twitter. Once you begin hash-tagging for every word, it turns out to be more irrelevant and entirely determines the purpose of hash-tags. The hash-tag is used in identifying the Twitter messages on a specific topic.

3. Not putting profile picture

People identify you by looking at your profile picture. People may not know you when you do not maintain a profile picture. Twitter has a setting to filter accounts that do not have profile pictures and helps in finding out whom to follow or unfollow. This is a big drawback if you want to increase your following on Twitter.

4. Editing post

If you have done any spelling mistake in your post, you should delete the message immediately and repost it using trash bin. Some will tweet a whole paragraph when 140-characters are not enough for them.

5. No participation

Do not always say, instead hear what they are telling. Participation in conversations is required. Give meaningful replies by participating in the conversations.

6. Followers are important

Traffic is important in your business. You should focus on your way of posting the messages to build your followers. Working to build your followers is more important by strengthening your messages and leads to more traffic.

7. Over promotion is not required

Your Twitter should be more about sharing your knowledge, solving the problems being helpful, being trending and interesting. Do not say anything great about yourself, where people would turn their faces from your over promotions.

8. Do not be comprehensive

Followers get attracted to you when you provide them with a content which makes attractive on social media. People follow other people on Twitter as the quality of content is attracted that they provide. Make sure that you are providing updates on brands very frequently so as to maintain a constant eye of your customers on it.

9. Lacking reliability

To be followed on Twitter, you need to be reliable and trustworthy. Content should be relevant when you wanted your followers to follow you.

10.Reputation for brands

It is insensitive in creating a reputation for brands and business on the Twitter which is not good for professionals, business or anyone. You are giving a wrong impression when followers hear your name is the criticisms you uncheck on brands through your Twitter feed.