10 crazy exciting facts about Google

Published on March 11, 2015 11:25:25 AM
1 .Google was actually named to be "Googol”. There was a spelling mistake which was made by the Google founders.

2. Google is said to be the largest network translator throughout the world. Google repeatedly checks and observes how people utilize the page content. Google helps the people by giving quick response which reduces the time that they spend on the sites.

3. Before providing you the relevant information to any query in a fraction of seconds Google tally 200 factors into its account. The size of the Google’s search index, which is more than 100 million gigabytes.

4. Google’s logo frequently changed is being enjoyed by many users throughout the world. The first Google Doodle was designed as a message as "out of office” which was created by Sergey Brin. The present logo was designed by Ruth Kedar. The logos keep changing for festival events, birthdays of famous persons, for the Olympics.

5. Google is universally accessible which organizing the world information and make it useful for the users. Most of the people still believe that if something can’t be found on Google then it does not exist.

6. Google works hard and gives the best cause, kind, informative, and eco-friendly. There is an unofficial slogan for Google, which says "Don’t be evil”.

7. Google launched the Gmail in the year 2004. Chrome was launched in 2008.

8. The nickname of Google is BackRub as the backlink technology determines the importance of site. Google.com ranking is number 1 as it is used throughout the world.

9. Did you notice this any time, Google can be searched by writing even in backwards as http://elgoog.im which is said to be Google mirror.

10. There is a prediction as Chrome will be given more importance than Android ass the company allows Chrome users to run selected Android apps from Chrome.