Twitter introduce secure tools for users.

Published on March 10, 2015 23:10:10 PM
Twitter updates for their users many products and features which were intended for refining the safety tools. Twitter followers have complained many times regarding the harassments and mistreatment which is being already documented, but still not considered or took any action on it.

Twitter has recently updated to report if any harassments are done. The same way they are also making changes in other issues such as, imitation, sharing private information, sharing data which is kept confidential and self-harm that will soon reach soon.

Twitter permitting onlooker to report ill-use – it could be possible for reports of private data and impression too – included not just an overhaul to our item reporting methodology, yet critical changes to our instruments, methodologies and staffing in the background.

Twitter is now taking care by reviewing frequently to solve this. Twitter is handling the issues more faster now as there are many other reporters. Now the size of the team is also increased to solve all these problems.

People permit more reports to be handled with greater effectiveness. When we review something, we will be able to diminish the time of responding to less of what was it and we can even see it reducing.

We are additionally starting to include a few new implementation activities for utilization against records that abuse our principles. These new activities will not be noticeable to the greater part of guideline standing Twitter clients – yet they provide for us new choices for acting against the records that don't take after the guidelines furthermore serve to dishearten conduct that conflicts with our approaches. The security redesigns are taking off now and over the advancing weeks to all users.