Know who access Facebook without a password.

Published on March 10, 2015 18:12:12 PM
Facebook employees will be able to access your account with no passwords which you’ll not be able to know. The Facebook employees will be provided master keys to all the Facebook accounts by which they can easily access your accounts.

The Facebook representative for social networking site has told reasons why and when they are given certain authorities. Facebook employees can access to help their users with the problems they face.

Facebook will be shown who access user’s accounts. Users became furious by this action in such a biggest social networking site. Facebook has ensured an authority to the Facebook employees, to use the user’s personal account when they are in need.

For accessing, the time is limited for an employee who can only access the information which is necessary and the responsibility in solve and replying to bugs and errors when users ask any queries. Facebook has two security systems which maintains weekly reports to know whose account they are accessing. These are studied by two individual security teams.

The Facebook company says, "We have a zero tolerance approach to abuse, and improper behaviour results in termination”.

When you look for a help from social network, Facebook behaves like mediator and solve your problem with your permission. If still you don’t believe about Facebook security it’s always better to keep your pictures private and keep the data in offline.