9 facts about Pinterest Marketing.

Published on March 10, 2015 22:58:58 PM
1.Increase in members
Pintrest is a fastest growing website. Pinterest amazed everyone by increasing its followers by 57 per cent, while Facebook grew only by 6 per cent of total member of growth. Pinterest made a splash with its unique pins’ box.

2.Arts and crafts pins
In pinterest there are thousands of arts and craft pins which will allow the surfer to navigate through several websites. Compared to other types of pins’ tutorials available on the net, pinterest has guided pins which have about 42 per cent higher rate for clicking.

3.Spending time
Pinners like buying pins that are useful for them. They are not just window shoppers, but they search for the right pins they want. Social media research tells that pinners spend more time and also buy more.

4.Claiming pins
To get around 70 million users is by no means a normal achievement. The site is claiming billions of pins. The pins range from products, clothing, architecture, interior design, places, fine arts and fiction. About 30 billion pins are roped in less than four years.

5.Viral pins
Based on similarity and tagging Pinterest has several types and categories. About 80 per cent of the pins are re-pins. Those pins go viral as they have huge possibility of reaching to a vast multitude. Pinterest’s search function and category algorithms are the strengths for the virus-related capability.

6."Pins” live longer
After a pin is posted, it can be searched for months. Pinterest have the lifespan of several months. Ambitious boards were created by the users. As long as the users are there on the site, the pins can be repined.

7.Customer’s behavior in purchasing
About 25 per cent of people purchase products and services by surfing Pinterest. In Pinterest, a products and services can be reviewed. Pinterest will give you the perfect and factual information when you want to buy a product.

8.Pins are not shown as ads
Even the pins have ads, but the beauty of it ius that they don’t show them as ads. Most of the ads are presented in an attractive way to generate interest and curiosity among the surfers. If any product is useful, pins take it to the store settings and demonstrate its use.

9.Promoting business
Another feather in the cap of pinterest is that about 25 per cent of fortune global 100 companies have their accounts with Pinterest. Pinterest has about 41 per cent of ecommerce traffic. For promoting any business Pinterest is a very good platform.