8 mistakes which make you unfollow and unfriend in social media.

Published on March 10, 2015 22:23:23 PM
1.Irrelevant posting
Most people rely on social media as which make interactions with the customers and clients, but jut for the popularity of being active online participation by posting irrelevant thing in social media is not done. If you post something without caring with your continues retweets and sharing overly will get you "unfollow?

2.Do not always sell
Posting only something relevant when you have to promote is the fast process in getting your company unfollowed or unfriended. Rather than your continuous sales posts, spreading sales areas with photos, quotes, links to articles with content, provides you to your followers.

3.Posting again and again
Multiple times a message is typed and posted in a day will push away your viewers. Social media strategy acclaims posting something relevant once or twice a day. People would not like to look at the content or pictures many times in a day, rather they would be interested in reading it for once in a day. Over posting should be stopped.

4.Must be shared once
Avoid sharing information from various other sites which will annoy the followers. Few sites do not show any kind of originality to business and share many times the articles which should not be done.

5.Unique content should be presented
Posting messages from others or posting the articles from many other sites will not tell the customers what is your company about and they lack of uniqueness. Create and post your original content which you will be able to share it with your followers.

6.Unwanted tagging
Do not tag the photos or posts which are not related to them. Before posting, take care that people won't make you "unfollow? Unnecessary tagging is said to be a bad protocol where, people would not like it and quickly make you "unfollow?

7.Keep connecting to followers
Followers will be satisfied when you connect with people when they ask questions. If you want your customers to be followed, you need to interact with them frequently and you should know what exactly they are doing.

8.Planning should be there
Posting some links and contents just like that without looking at what your posting is very bad, you should know what links and content you’re posting. You should know what message people are sending and you should be able to plan in advance. Before starting some business, plan in such a way that helps your customers.