Now 'middle finger' Emoji reaches your gadgets

Published on May 08, 2015 14:58:58 PM
Microsoft will be the first company to introduce the unpleasant ‘middle finger’ Emoji which is not available in iOS and Android.

The new set of Emojis will be released along with the new Windows 10, releasing this summer.

Apart from the middle finger Emoji, the Redmond giant has some new Emojis such as face with "Ok gesture" with black skin tone; reversed hand with middle finger extended, flushed face; information desk person with cream white skin tone.

Microsoft also has added new features to the Emojis; the Emojis can be customized by skin tones as required.

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed to Cnet about the incorporation of the new emoji set by it. She said, "Generally Microsoft includes the emoji icon characters in its products in support of the Unicode Standard, which provides a unique number for every character across platforms, programs, and languages, and has been adopted by most industry tech leaders. To the greatest extent possible, Microsoft does not make edits or exclusions to characters, in support of the Unicode Standard."

On being asked about the addition of the middle finger emoji, the spokeswoman said: "We are aligning with the latest Unicode Standard specifications, which includes this image."