Twitter introduces new feature 'Re-tweet with comment'

Published on April 08, 2015 18:24:24 PM
Twitter has rolled out an update for its ‘quote tweet’ functionality by adding a new feature. ‘Re-tweet with comment’ is the new feature unveiled by the micro-blogging site, Twitter. This feature allows the users to make additions to their own tweets, thus enabling them to explain their unique tweets in a better way.

As previously there were complaints about ‘quote retweets,’ stating that they barely allowed enough characters to post a comment. This new feature, ‘re-tweet with comment,’ has overcome the limitation and now permits the users to add extra comment comprising up to 116 characters in addition to the 140-character  limit for a quoted tweet, as per the TechCrunch Website.

Earlier, Twitter allowed users to embed ‘quoted tweets’ by cutting and pasting its URL, but now the new feature 'retweet and comment' allows the users to do that just by pressing a button. Users who retweet using this functionally, will be as simple as retweeting users comment with a link to the unique tweet.

Twitter’s site and the iPhone app users will be able to implant the actual tweet instead of simply quoting it as a new text. Users cannot embed the full re-tweet and comment together.

This feature which is now accessible only on Twitter’s site and the iPhone app is expected to be launched for others soon.