Snapchat swaps 'Best Friends' for 'Friend Emojis'

Published on April 08, 2015 17:21:21 PM
Andriod and iOS app users will now view the ‘Best Friends’ feature of Snapchat as ‘Friend Emojis’.

The Friend Emojis feature has many emoticons, few of them are faces, hearts, smiley, flames and more snaps coming from the Best Friends list, comprising of people you connect with most on Snapchat.

Friend Emojis, which is the new feature, entirely replaces the Best Friends feature, for security issues raised by a few users. Best Friends feature consistently used to show the shared images and videos.

Snapchat has likewise included a new ‘Needs Love’ section and low-light cameras mode for the Android and iOS users.

In this camera, users will observe a crescent moon icon at the top in a dark environment. This permits the users to click pictures, when will they turn on and off low-light mode.

The Needs Love section is to remind the users of old friends whom they have not ‘snapped’ even once. This section will be seen below Recents, in which they see a list of contacts with whom they often share pictures and videos.