Snake crawls back to your gadgets

Published on May 07, 2015 11:07:07 AM
Are you going crazy listening that Snake is bouncing back? True the most popular game snake that used to come preloaded in Nokia mobiles from 97 is coming back and this new game called Snake Rewind is going to hit the mobile on May 14. All the smartphone users will be happy because the game will be available on all platforms on the same day, which usually does not happen. The game will be launched in windows, iOS and Android gadgets.

In the new world of animation and 3D gaming era, it is to be seen whether this attempt receives the same heart-warming response as in the past.

Taneli Armanto, who was the design engineer of snake in Nokia, partnered with Rumilus Design, an independent game studio based in Turku to make the new Snake Rewind.

Snake Rewind is made considering the modern gaming elements such as producing values. It is free to play with micro transactions and new features like rewind the snake after crash, new fruit types, a fruit store and leaderboards are added.