NASA creates space for creative people

Published on May 06, 2015 14:58:58 PM
The US Space Agency NASA has come up with a new challenge for people asking them to list out necessary things that are required in space pioneering and things that would to help people to stay for longer period on Mars.

NASA says that people can not only write the basic things like food, shelter, water, oxygen, medicine, but they can also come up with some innovative and creative ideas.

The agency has said that the first three winners would be awarded $5000 each and total award money is $15000.

The contestants have been asked to describe one or more Mars surface system, capabilities and operations that help them in attaining support from Earth.

They have to provide solution for a given weight and volume that comprises basic needs for 500 days without depending on Earth.

The agency seeks technical submissions which can describe them the development of capabilities and necessary events for both long term and short term journeys.

The results will be declared based on creativity, simplicity, efficiency, feasibility, comprehensiveness and scalability.