Facebook to force big login change!

Published on May 06, 2015 13:45:45 PM
If you are baffled by the details that many of the sites and apps have about you, stay calm! Facebook will soon be providing you the control over the data you share with others.

Facebook states that it will revoke the apps that are seeking unwanted details of the users and worrying them.

"Edit the info you provide” is a prompt which will soon be presented to the users with an upcoming version of Facebook Login. On clicking on it, Facebook will allow the users to reject or give the approval for access to different details.

The new login will now highlight who will view the content that is posted by the app on Facebook, for apps that request.

Facebook is making the changes to its software development kit, where third-party developers can access a list of friends, who use this app by taking the permission, but by providing security for personal content like images and birthdays.

Not only this, the company also has a new team to analyse the apps that ask for more information than users’ Facebook profile, email address and friend list, which are kept in public.

Facebook's new login is putting efforts to provide more security for the user’s details that are kept in privacy so that they can be accessed only through Facebook. It also makes available clear details to the users about how the other apps post representing them.