GL-10 scales new heights

Published on May 05, 2015 17:09:09 PM
The GL-10 formerly Greased Lightning, a 10 engine unmanned vehicle by NASA, has achieved a new feat in the skies of Hampton, Virginia.

This vehicle, being developed by a team at Langley Research Center, cleared its initial tests in the last august.

The only challenge faced by the team was to transform from hover mode to conventional mode dynamically without the vehicle falling out of scope. The recent battery powered drone aircraft has done the task successfully.

Aerospace Engineer Bill Fredericks said that they have successfully transitioned from hover towing borne and vice versa for about five flights. He further stated that they are now in their way to achieve their next goal of demonstrating that this concept is more efficient than the helicopter.

The team is now planning to make this technology available to everyone and viable for commercial applications like delivery and industry and agricultural surveillance.