Think deeply before taking any action

Published on April 28, 2015 10:59:59 AM
Bhaskar Shewalkar, Former HOD, Theatre Arts, UoH  I don’t like to preach. Every morning we wake up to a number of TV channels that are preaching to us. Every religion says don’t do wrong -- and everybody follows some religion -- yet we all do some wrong in life. It is easy to preach and say: ‘don’t kill your fellow human beings’. But when one is in a situation of, say, communal riots, and one sees ones’ loved ones getting murdered for no fault of theirs, how is one supposed to keep calm? All that one has heard gets forgotten in that moment.

BhaskarShewalkarIn such miserable situations, what may help is the wise habit of thinking deeply before taking any action. Even as I say this, I know so many people of my generation say: ‘in our times, things were different, people were different’. I try to tell my friends, instead of saying that the younger generation is hopeless or shameless, think about what you can do today to make a positive change in society. I try to explain to my friends that even as we think youngsters are wrong, they also think that we are wrong.

Now, who will decide who’s right and who’s wrong? Instead, why don’t we all focus on making society and the world around us better by making some small effort every day? Many of the evils we face now are because of our lack of interest in society. Everybody seems to be worried about themselves, nobody about the world; this is making the world a difficult place to live in for all of us. My advice to the youth is to understand themselves, think deeply about the evils within us and in our society. Such concerns lead a person to treat all others with respect and love, which is how all human beings deserve to be treated.