Pure thoughts will pay off

Published on May 27, 2015 01:50:50 AM

B P Acharya, Principal Secretary, Tourism and Culture, Commissioner, I&PR, Every good action has a pure thought behind it; every pure thought has a purpose. When the purpose is devoid of malice, it will definitely result in a positive outcome. To have pure thoughts, we also need to have pure surroundings.

Don't tell a lie to be loved, speak the truth to be hated - M B Johnson

A clean environment, fresh air and good organised lifestyle will definitely influence a person’s thoughts, words and behaviour. To maintain this clean environment, it is most important to have a positive and Swachh mind. Purity of speech is a rare phenomenon. Yes, everyone can say he has pure thoughts. But, his words and action would definitely expose him.

When time comes, if one is able to be unbiased, truthful and honest without fearing the repercussions, that person is indeed a Swachh human being. To quote the great saint Tulasidas - a doctor, priest, guru, minister -- if these people give advice to the king out of fear, then the kingdom and the verdict of the king will be in jeopardy.

Out of fear of being disliked or hated, if we give into the fear of being rejected, we will be doing a great disservice to the authority we serve. Swachh Soch and Swachh Bol involves one being truthful at the right times. To call a spade a spade and to encourage a human being to speak his mind under the right circumstances is extremely essential today.

Teaching children the importance of straightforwardness and decency should be a part of curriculum and upbringing. Reinvention is the only way forward. Every obstacle in life is a check point towards your ultimate goal of selflessness.