Transparency better than hard work

Published on May 26, 2015 02:35:35 AM

Pradeep Tandon,Executive Vice-president, Jindal Steel &Power Ltd, Raipur,When I talk about steel, it is essential to be more confident about its purity and durability. It is not only steel in my life, which is pure enough, but the way I think and conduct myself is an important factor of my life where purity matters. I believe that every individual, be it stakeholder, opinion maker, my colleagues or my friends, should have pure thoughts. It is only purity of thoughts which will lead anybody to purity of address. I, in my day-to-day life, feel that whenever I am more precise in my thoughts, it helps me to become more analytical in my tasks. There are more and more ideas which come to my mind when I am clearer in my approach towards business.

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it” - Henry David Thoreau

It is not so easy to adopt a clean and precise approach to anything related to your task or your relations, but after being dedicated to professionalism and society through CSR and other mediums, I can feel the difference. It helps me to take quick decisions. Whenever there is an important dialogue involved in any field of corporate communications, it is my address which helps me to convert a negative conversation into a positive one, and practically it is really seen that whenever you are clean in your address, things work out faster in a better way.

I even ask my colleagues to adopt a clean and precise approach. My clean and transparent attitude towards my subordinates helps me to give a clear picture of my company to stakeholders and opinion makers. The more you understand people the better you are to work with them.If society gets a clear perspective of an individual, then it will be able to think better about utilising the talents of that person. For instance, if youth of this country are transparent and strong, it will help them to be unbiased. An unbiased man is a better professional.

I treat John F Kennedy as my role model because he, as a commander of torpedo boat in the American Navy, converted himself into a top class politician; it is his cleanliness and transparency in address which made him. He was the person who used to mind his own business and that was what made him simple and straightforward.