Motherhood not just about women

Published on May 21, 2015 01:31:31 AM

Keya Karwankar, Vice-President, The Birthplace, Life starts, not in a single seed, but with the thought that went into producing it. Unless our thoughts are well defined, neat and productive, we will never be satisfied with the outcome of the efforts we invest. Motherhood is not just confined to women. It is a joint effort by both individuals to take that decision to start a family and provide for it.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. - William Shakespeare

What better example of positivity and happiness than the birth of a baby? After looking closely at the physical, emotional and mental pain and adjustment mothers and fathers go through and the complete feeling of euphoria, I think celebrating and planning weddings and engagements is not as important as the birth of a child. Bringing new life into this world and being responsible caretakers of the new being is an overwhelming yet wonderful experience. The most pure and powerful thoughts of love are present all around that child.

On a daily basis, I see swachh soch in the respectful and loving way parents hold their child and I see swachh bol in the soft and pure sounds that they make to soothe the child. Why then do we change this over time? The child is of the same in flesh and blood, and the relationship stands.

Unfortunately as time passes, the swachhta of any relationship deteriorates, respect reduces and people are taken for granted. We need to imbibe swachh soch and remember from time to time that relationships -- whether by blood or by choice -- have to be nurtured with great care and dignity.