Right action springs from pure intention

Published on April 21, 2015 11:43:43 AM
Satish Kemburu Md.Scintilla (Ad Films) The burden of being responsible and good lies on every individual, not just on youth. It is very easy for elders to judge youngsters, but before pointing fingers at others one must look at themselves first. What values are you imparting to your youngsters and what are you doing in reality? Are you practicing what you preach?

"A good intention, with a bad approach, often leads to a poor result"
- Thomas Edison

In places like Singapore and North America we see people from all walks of life and from different backgrounds follow traffic and cleanliness rules with utmost sincerity and discipline. They are also people like us – educated and socially conscious. But, the difference lies in the Swachh Soch that they practice; it comes from the civic sense and moral responsibility they are taught at a very young age. Society and parents go hand in hand in implementing and practicing these rules.

Our society is based on a strong foundation of heritage and culture. We have had one of the greatest thinkers and philosophers through the ages who contributed to our thought processes and way of life. Instead of imitating the West in shallow practices, we must rejuvenate ourselves with our own morals and ethics laid down by our forefathers. Swachh Soch is that self-sustaining fuel which would not only keep our minds and bodies refreshed, but also do good to society. And, we live on, in the hearts of people even after we are physically no more on earth.

To attain positive results in life, one needs to first implement Swachh actions. These pure actions will only be possible if our intentions are pure. Swachh Soch is a result of planting good thoughts from a small age and encouraging positive behaviour. The kind of environment we grow up in, the values we are taught; our parents, teachers, friends and life partners, all affect our well-being. To choose well and to be independently sensible and strong, we must inculcate the goodness of thoughts.