Character best tested by adversity

Published on May 19, 2015 01:59:59 AM
Darshan Sankhala, motivational speaker, There is no substitute for hard work and believe me when I say there is no shortcut to success. Each and every action of a person is strongly connected with his or her thoughts and speech. A person with Swachh Soch, Swachh Bol will be recognised in society by his or her good deeds, and good deeds in turn result in a better society and help in the nation’s development.

If pure thoughts and speech are used this would lead to the transformation of society sans like crimes, corruption, exploitation, social stigma and evil practices. Swachh Soch, Swachh Bol helped me acquire a positive approach to adverse situations and also helped me deal with depression and anxiety. It can be used as an effective tool in shaping one’s career and image in society. In every profession and for long term success, Swachh Soch, Swachh Bol is necessary because masses only connect with people who have positive thoughts, speech and energy.

Positivity in thoughts and speech can help bring youth, who have deviated from the right path, back to the mainstream of society. One’s character is best tested by adversity and with temptation. I believe if a person’s thoughts are pure then he will go ahead where others fear to tread. Renowned Bollywood singer Ravindra Jain is my source for inspiration. I have learnt a lot from his life and the way he transformed his imparity to power and creativity.