Empathise with people around you

Published on May 17, 2015 02:50:50 AM
Ranganayakulu Bodavala (Ranga), Founder, THRIVE SOLAR ENERGY: If a man is a product of his thoughts, then thinking is a very responsible and conscious job. We can't control our flow of thoughts definitely, but we could most certainly give them a good direction.

No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. - Theodore Roosevelt

We all pursue different lives. Each of us has our own particular source of livelihood, education and we come from different cultures and families. Then how do we as a species find anything common in such diversity? As human beings we find a common purpose and goal to sustain life and live in harmony, to continue our species and make sure we give back nature, as much as we take from it. This is the Swachh Soch I believe in, I practice and follow.

Nature has provided, as the saying goes, for every man’s need, not for his greed. There is a visible distinction between people who work closely with nature, who are in tune with trees, plants, animals and environment. The concrete jungle of our progress is slowly changing that gene of humanity within us. Before we completely destroy it and before our species goes extinct, it’s time we take that big 'u' turn and go back to our roots.

Empathy is the key to sustaining the human race. Empathise with your neighbour, your family, your enemy and the nature around you. Understanding pain and trying to make a small change in the lives of people who are in pain or suffering helps a great deal. Life is the best teacher, people and experiences teach you so much. Personally my mentor is Almitra Patel (amma); she is a genius, woman powerhouse and a true philanthropist in all its essence.

I have learnt from her the basic etiquettes of life and the importance of cleanliness from within and on the outside. Perfecting the principles of your learning and keeping the human aspect alive at all times is the key to Swachh Soch and Swachh Bol.