Women grow stronger with difficulties

Published on April 17, 2015 11:06:06 AM
SRIDEVI Founder, director of Pinnacle Institute of Hotel Management
The biggest secret in the universe: Birth is not painful, it’s women who are strong. Women are living examples of Mother Nature. Unlike men, women grow stronger with difficulties and problems. They are a source of strength and happiness for families and society. When you invest in the well-being and education of a girl, you are automatically doing the most noble and swachh deed. A nation’s strength lies in the empowerment and independence of each individual — be it a woman or a man. We as a nation have to have the purity of thought and mind to enrich the lives of each individual in whatever way we can.


When we talk of Swachh Soch one has to remember that we are not talking of just words, we are talking of a whole change of attitude. When each drop of water in the ocean reflects blue, the entire ocean seems blue. When each individual consciously decides to be good, the nation will brim with positivity. I believe that all youngsters are good. They have the most pure minds; it is elders around them who influence their lives. Parents, teachers, politicians, actors and sports heroes have a major impact on their thought processes and behaviour. We can make or break our youth by being a positive or negative influence on them.

What today’s society needs are good role models. These role models show youngsters the way to live life, to face tough situations and to overcome distress. Selfless, sensible and efficient human beings who rise above the common platform that society gives them, they are the real heroes of day-to-day life. Speak the language of purity and have lofty thoughts. Admire people who do good and promote good causes. I believe that today’s society needs to not just talk about Swachh Soch, Swachh Bol, but also implement this concept in their day-to-day lives.