Youth shouldn't treat parents as burden

Published on April 16, 2015 13:09:09 PM
Narendra Luther Former Chief Secretary of AP, award-winning author:

Everybody in this world is connected with one another. "I" am not an island. I breathe air that is polluted by others. Even if I keep my thoughts, my words and my environment swachh, I still have to come across so much that is not swachh, because many people don t care enough. Being truly swachh comes from a love of humanity, which is manifested in the love for oneself, one’s neighbours, society, country, environment and the world. Those who have no love for humanity can never be truly swachh, they can only pay lip service to campaigns such as this.

"A man can be destroyed but not defeated."
- Ernest Hemingway

My inspiration comes from everybody, and often from young people. When I see youngsters working for meaningful causes and not money, I am moved. While many youngsters are only bothered about money and what it brings, there is also a growing number among them that is taking to social causes, often at an expense of material gains. While money is important for survival, it is also important that your survival in this world is worthwhile. What would one do with a fancy car that one can’t drive around? Every other person can afford a comfortable car these days, but who enjoys a ride? All roads are choked and each parking space is full.

It is sad to see most youngsters treating their parents as burden. One only needs one’s parents until a certain stage in life. After that, parents just seem to be an obstruction. Once independent, youngsters are inclined to either kill or ignore their parents. Ignoring seems to be the better option for most – leave them alone, they’ll die naturally. But what one needs to understand is that this is not a rare exception, this is happening every day with every other family, and only a love of humanity can prevent or cure this. The love of parents for their children is natural and inborn, it needs no work. However, children’s love for their parents needs to be cultivated, which takes effort.