Teachers are mentors, can mend society

Published on May 14, 2015 02:27:27 AM
Nagamani Vasantha Rao, Recipient of National best teacher award. I am proud to say that I hail from a family of academicians who have deep cultural values. My parents gave me excellent exposure and helped me develop a serene and positive attitude.

to be perfect is to change often. - Winston Churchill

I feel culture either runs in the genes or else needs to be instilled through a good environment -- I have been blessed with both. I have also been fortunate to be associated with Pujya Sri Ganapthi Sachidananda Swamiji who trained me to tread the moral, ethical, spiritual and righteous path.

Parents and grandparents play an important role in moulding behaviour, establishing emotional balance and teaching manners to their children so that they go on to build good careers with pure thoughts and the resultant pure speech. The foundation for clean thoughts is righteousness which makes a person not commit a mistake in thought, word and deed. If people follow this Tri karana suddhi, the world will be a heavenly abode.

I used to teach Science, especially Biology, and club it with cultural values. So while I spoke about the structure of chromosomes, the types of cell division, I also taught the need to spread human values. A teacher's responsibility is to establish a value-based society through the curriculum. No subject deals with this aspect, but teachers have to motivate students. Children need to be taught how to be good citizens which will help create a good society. In primary classes, a teacher acts as a role model.

Teachers need to take advantage of that attachment with tender hearts and inculcate pure thoughts and speech in them with a positive attitude. A teacher is a mentor and is capable of mending society. Thank you Metro India for your efforts to clean up minds and thus society.