Pure thoughts, speech set us free

Published on April 14, 2015 11:10:10 AM
S MADHURI Govt Degree College for Women, Begumpet : Purity is a positive virtue. It results from self-control and thrives on self-discipline. Pure thoughts and pure speech are food for the mind; the practice of which every day acts as a necessary stimulant to keep the mind healthy and enthusiastic. In these times of disruption and chaos a peaceful and happy mind is important. Impure thoughts are chains that bind us, devils that make us vicious, as if we are asleep, ignorant and unconscious.

Pure thought and speech sets us free. It gives us the keys to knowledge, peace, happiness, power and god. Swachh Soch, Swachh Bol is so precious, rare, powerful that we can even die striving for it. We have to destroy the old selves, old vices that are so much a part of us such as lust, anger, greed and attachment, to name a few. Pure thought and pure talk is such that we are not confined by boundaries of colour, sex, race, religious beliefs but we can see far beyond and experience each and every human being as our brothers. Its might is such that it fires passion, anger and vices are extinguished and in its place pure cool love glows and we come really close to God.

If a person changes his thought and speech it soon influences others and this finally drives out negativity, discrimination, hatred, disharmony among people and creates positivity, love, unity and oneness, thus paving the way for development of a nation where people no longer use words such as I, me, but use ‘us’ and ‘we’ instead.

Pure thought and speech act to curb atrocities and weed out evils like inequality, female foeticide, molestation, rape, terror and bring about an attitudinal change at micro-and macro-level. It is time we take a dip in the holy ocean of purity and sow seeds of pure thought and speech which will branch out into a tree of purity.